December 25, 2011

Images of the Season

A place setting I created for FEAST magazine.
[photo by Michael Jacobs]

With the holiday season upon us I wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog. Below are some images taken from events surrounding my holiday season I wanted to share. May all of you find peace, joy and love in the new year.

The tree at the Old Courthouse, downtown St. Louis.

I was featured this month in Feast Magazine.
The take-out containers are made from Japanese wrapping paper.
[photo by Michael Jacobs]

Waterford and Limoges.
[photo by Michael Jacobs]

I love candles on a table at Christmas.
[photo by Michael Jacobs]

An arrangement I made for a client.

It's not just Christmas we should honor...
This lovely Menorah elegantly celebrates Chanukah.

This boxwood wreath I assembled for my own door this year.

A very personal mantle for a client.

A lot of new things to learn, teach and show in 2012 and Design Guy University... I can hardly wait!! Stay tuned!