August 30, 2009

Kitchen Design and Trends

As promised although a bit tardy in this posting, I wanted to talk about Kitchen Design. When I saw the movie Julie & Julia, I was inspired by this blogger who daily wrote about her trials cooking through each recipie appearing in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. With that said, let's move onto THIS blog and talk about Kitchen Trends and what's new in today's Kitchens.

1. Earth-friendly: Bamboo is the natural choice for kitchens. Whether it be a countertop made out of this material and used as a butcher block or if it's floors. This is a renewable resource. You won't find this in a lot of choice colors only because bamboo is such a dense material that using dyes is almost impossible. So, cleaning up after a wine spill, isn't going to be a problem.
Check out:

2. High-tech: This is where high-tech goes green. Bosch makes a great line now of dishwashers that not only have 'E" or evironmental settings that control temperature/energy, but also have settings for 1/2 loads. At prices that won't break the bank, this is how high-tech can help you in your kitchen plan. Like TV? Siemens' created a multi-media hood that features a 17-inch LCD screen with the options for watching television and DVDs or listening to music. TV dinners couldn't be better. LG even makes a television outiside the door of the refrigerator. Ice on one side, Oprah on the other.

3. Colorful: I have never seen so many options for kitchens now. As part of its Preference collection, Dacor recently introduced 24-inch dishwashers in an array of colors. A floating glass front panel is available in six colors: anthracite gray, sterling gray, titanium silver, blue water, slate green (shown), and black. BlueStar produces a gas range, available in 190 colors. How's that for cooking up some color?

4. Healthy: Copper's natural antibacterial properties make Native Trail's offerings especially alluring. The Farmhouse Duet recycled copper sink with a double basin and exposed apron front. Who'd know that copper not only looks great, but is good for you too!

5. Convenience: Convenience and making sure that everything is in reach and organized is the key. Making sure that everything is stored with everything from garages for all that stuff like mixers to ones for recycling and garbage. Storage makes a good look, a clean look, and it makes life a lot easier when everything is in it's place.

August 10, 2009

Reinvention of Design Guy University

I had been really busy and had all but abandoned this blog, but when I saw the movie Julie&Julia this weekend, I was completely inspired to reinvent and continue with this blog about design. Later this week as I return from vacation, I'll be talking about kitchen design in honor of Julia Child herself. I was recently at the Merchandise Mart and want to share what I found.

Also, I want to talk about Design Guy University. I've developed a fall class which I think will be spectacular and interesting to all of you. With that, the website has taken on a new design and will be uploaded within the next few weeks. I'm really excited about it. And, I have two announcements already: We will be going to the Merchandise Mart again in late September and visiting some great new vendors I've used recently and we'll be visiting some old friends and see what's new for them.

On the docket for that Chicago trip is Holland&Sherry (they're not just fine suit makers anymore), the brand new Donghia showroom that will absolutely knock your socks off, Brunschwig & Fills, Scalamandre and a few other surprises that will be in store~~!! Even I can hardly wait.

So happy Summer... the best of design and continuing your degree in design confidence is on it's way!

Scott Tjaden