February 13, 2011

Be mine.

St. Valentine's Day has become a day of red hearts, red roses and spending time with and celebrating those we love. The day first became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages and was a religious holiday on the catholic calendar until 1969.

So to celebrate this day of love in 2011, I'm sharing some of my new favorites I'd like to be mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who wouldn't want this dragon delivering his
bouquet of flowers?
Chiang Mai Dragon, Schumacher

Love never goes out of style...
The Era barstool was designed in 1859 and
is still
in production.
Era Barstool, Design Within Reach

[insert whistling] "Wow, what a dish."
Cloisonne Vessel bowl, Ginger Bath - Toronto.

Daisies for Valentines Day?
If roses aren't your style, this wall covering might be.
Daisy in Kooky Coral, Bradbury and Bradbury.

Forget that small child with the arrows.. how about Zebras?
Zebra, Scalamandre

February 11, 2011

The bar and area near the front lobby.

I've been stressed out with deadlines and just freezing cold like most of the midwest... and most of my friends across the country... and thought an hour of wishing I were at this great hotel again would help cheer me up... and my readers as well. I took these pictures while there last year and pulled them off the computer this morning to share.

Designed by Morris Lapidus (one of his most important buildings) the Fountainbleau opened in 1954. It's not only well known for the celebrity and wealthy guests, but also its iconic pool and luxurious appointments that have graced the big screen in such movies as Goldfinger and Scarface.

With the billion dollar renovation and expansion, the hotel now boasts over 1500 rooms. The resort’s most distinguishing features include two new towers; 11 restaurants and lounges; and a 40,000-square-foot spa.

So enjoy the photos and escape from the cold air if only in your mind....

Another seating area in the lobby.

Isn't this a great idea. Watermelon in water... very refreshing.

They have an adult section away from children/pets that you can lounge and enjoy.

Another seating area where I saw a lot of people reading
using their iPads.

The signature bow-tie motif of Morris Lapidus repeated throughout.

I asked and this is one of their original wall sconces
near the elevators.

The detail of the terrazzo floors are amazing.

Postcard ca. 1960

The new glass addition I love. It reflects the palm trees and also the beautiful landscaping.

Reserved... just for me.


I usually cannot handle commercial carpeting in hotels...
this is acceptable.

Glamorous door to the Aquamarine boutique near the entrance to the pool area.
It reminds me of homes in old movies.

Men's bathroom. You could apply this look for a
double vanity in your home.
(well, less the commercial paper towel dispenser)

Unusual abstracted frosted glass partition of one of the restaurants.
It reminds me of the trunks of a palm tree 'forest.'

February 7, 2011

Biltmore Hotel

It's still cold, chilly and some cities are recovering from what was a major snowstorm in the midwest (and some other areas like Ohio, etc.) So although I've been just swamped catching up on projects and life in general, I wanted to follow through with my promise of posting some 'warm' posts of some wonderful places.

The Biltmore Hotel was built in 1926 by John McEntee Bowman. The hotel, although named for the estate in Ashville, NC has no relationship to that estate, but rather the chain envokes the feeling of what living might be like in the Vanderbilt mansion.

Located in Coral Gables, a community near Miami, I went there to meet a friend for lunch and I couldn't wait to pull out my camera and share the architecture and interior decoration. It served as a hospital during World War II and as a VA Hospital and campus of the University of Miami medical school until 1968. It was then bought and converted back into a hotel in 1987.

Please enjoy the photos.

The interior is definitely old-world, but has a homogenized French, English and Italian motifs... and some newer American - styled furniture.

This side-staircase is so gorgeous. Completely carved some of stone and some of wood then faux-painted.

Who wouldn't want to be reincarnated as a bird so you'd have to live here? The curtain is to keep sunlight out, but the convex window allows a viewer to enjoy the birds.
I tried to take a photo of the residents...

These moorish-inspired doors open up to a grand ballroom located on the lower level.

I would love this as a studio apartment... wouldn't you? It was set up for a small, intimate wedding that was taking place later on that afternoon.

Lunch by the golf course... with a stunning view of the back façade.

Care to take a dip in the pool??