November 27, 2011

My Favorite Things

Since 1965 the song My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music has dominated the holiday music line up along with countless lists compiled by editors, hollywood stars and the likes of Oprah. So following suit with what might be a cliché during the holidays, I'm sharing my favorite things. (no, the audience will not receive the gifts at the end of the blog).

Cliché or not... here are my favorite things this year:

1. Cyclopedia. A Complete History of the Bicycle with a forward written by fashion designer Paul Smith: You will love this book filled with interesting factoids about the bicycle. Its expertly designed and curiously, the the play on names is appropriate. 'Cyclopaedia' was the name of what was the precursor to the Encyclopedia. [please buy from your local bookstore].

2. Eduardo Garza's lucite boxes. I just love his accessories. This one is a black lucite box with Amethyst and gold accent. His new collection incorporates real skeletons dipped in gold.

3. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Founded by Alice Walton, it opened this year on 11-11-11. A series of 8 buildings connected together via bridges over the creek beds original to the site. Among it's holdings of American Treasures: J.Howard Miller's painting: We can do it (commonly referred to as Rosie the Riveter) and Charles Wilson's Peale's portrait of George Washington, c 1780-82.

4. Missoni fabric. NOT THE ONES FROM TARGET, this is from Missoni Home in Italy. Perfect look for all year round.
5. Preserved boxwood rings. Used for everything from table settings to adoring mirrors and doors, these rings are perfect for every occasion. Because they're preserved you can keep them year round. Available in all sorts of sizes, you can tie them to a large kraft bag for that perfect holiday gift.
6. Small Kota votive by my friend Kim Siebert. New for the season, these votives are so festive and fun. The line also includes a larger candle holder, wine coaster, picture frames, and a set of bowls.

7. Mercedes CL600 in Pladium Silver metallic, black interior. I collected Matchbox cars while growing up and would dream of the new ones Santa would bring on Christmas day. Now that I'm all grown up, I need to get a much larger stocking in hopes that this one would appear this year.
8. Polar Bear Big Eraser. How could you not 'bear' to give this gift for the holidays.

9. Converse Tennis Shoes. Classic. Any guy would love these... this year they're available in Christmas plaid.

10. Brookstone oversized towel warmer. It easily accommodates oversized towels or a robe or blanket. You just plug it into a normal outlet.