July 27, 2008

KDR Showroom visit.

Design Guy University And KDR Showroom.

Design Guy University and local showrooms are teaming up for one-time classes for only $29. The first will be at KDR Showrooms in Westport on Saturday, August 9th from 10am-12pm.

Located in a 16K+ showroom space at a cost of $9M, KDR is the largest showroom in St. Louis. They carry hundreds of lines of fabric, furniture, window treatments, accessories, lighting, and more. You don't see this stuff in the stores! Several things are out on the floor, but also can be special ordered as I'll show you the vast array of catalogues available to designers. Also, banked along the outskirts of the showrooms are aisles and aisles of designer fabrics and wall covering. As described in the article about Design Guy University in St. Louis At Home magazine, this place is Mecca!

Taking a tour of the showroom will be coupled with a lecture on how showrooms work, behind-the-scene secrets, and some trade lingo that will help you understand what designers go through when completing a project.

Sound fun? Email me at tjadeninteriors@yahoo.com and make your reservation today.

July 20, 2008


Carly Margolis and Ophir Tanz, lifelong friends, started Canyon Home, a collection of wall covering. It speaks to nature, but has that modern sensibility. Each roll is hand-silkscreened and come in a variety of colors. I love their stuff and wanted to share a few pictures with you. Each roll is 15 feet by 27 inches and costs $155/roll. (They do have a two-roll minimum order, for wallpaper).

Carly and Ophir have been featured in Traditional Home, California Home + Design, Domino, Teen People, and other magazines. I love some of the patterns because it reminds me of one of my favorite designers, Mr. David Hicks. (And, wow... Lance Armstrong is photographed with that great green wall paper in the background)

This year they came out with a line that’s more geometric, but also integrates children’s drawings from Peru. I’m into what I call “Social Conscious Design”, a term I coined to categorize hand-made products or art where the proceeds go back to the country, or person(s), of origin. This wallpaper line helps Casa de Milagros, an orphanage in Peru. (see last photo)

I hope you love these designs as much as I do!

July 14, 2008


Welcome to the first blog posting for Design Guy University™. This blog is meant to complement the Design Guy University™ classes available on my website at www.designguyuniversity.com.

Who am I? I'm Scott Tjaden, interior designer in St. Louis. I have been featured in publications such as St. Louis and St. Louis At Home magazine, St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles magazine, Ladue News and the Post-Dispatch.

A year ago I was trying to find a way I could combine my teaching skills with interior design. (I teach adjunct at St. Louis Community College in the art department - Center for Advanced Imaging). After taking an art history class taught by my friend Carol, it 'clicked' as to what I should do. Thanks, Carol!

And, a special thanks for my online design buddy, Jennifer, who has her own blog "The Peak of Chic" which I just absolutely think is great! She's the one for the inspiration for creating this blog.

I hope to bring to you with each posting some short tips/hints, but information that won't always be in my courses such as new products, design history, my personal inspirations, my favorite designers, and some projects that I'm working through.