July 8, 2010

Leaving Your Heart in San Francisco

Tony Bennet made the world yearn for the city by the bay speckled with cable cars and foggy air. Forget Rome or Manhattan, San Francisco was the place where the singer chanted about where he'd prefer to be.

Unlike the iconic song, a long-distance relationship some nearly 20 years ago left me feeling that SF was not the place to be. And, although I experienced all the iconic tourist places, I was never really 'got' the appeal of the California city. However, life happens. After 20 years, I was in for a change of opinion.

Recently, having a business trip that took me to San Francisco, I reluctantly made plane and hotel reservations bracing myself for a not-so-good time in a city where I really didn't want to be in. Knowing the situation [and thankfully ignoring my whining] my friend Jennifer Boles, a contributor to House Beautiful and fellow blogger [peakofchic.com] insisted I met up with two of her favorite designers Scot Meacham Wood and Grant Gibson. "You have to meet them... they're great..."

Trading cell numbers and scheduling shuttling, I was picked up by Scot in a BMW Mini almost as bright and colorful as his personality. We met Grant at a restaurant called Spruce, designed by the then William Sonoma Home Creative Director, Stephen Brady. www.sprucesf.com.

After laughs, a few martinis (ok, I was the one drinking the martinis). And this incredible chocolate desert, Grant and his two, adorable Scottie dogs, took me back to my hotel.

So this post is really a thanks to two people that I really love [and the one encouraging me to reach out to them], not only just for a good time or their continued friendship, but for helping me realize that when life gives you lemons... order a few citrus martinis!

On and off in the next few weeks I'll share some more of my great visit to San Francisco including the Cartier exhibit, the Asian Art Museum, Goyard and a small gallery housed in a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I left my heart in SanFrancisco, and I'll be back there soon!