July 25, 2010

Extra! Extra! Extra-ordinary design for the Post Dispatch... on a budget...

[Conference room 1 before]
Note: All photos by John L. White and Elie Gardner of the Post Dispatch.

[Conference room 1 after]

When Aisha Sultan of the Post Dispatch asked me to help with some conference rooms, I said 'oh sure, no problem.' What I didn't expect was the prison-like interiors I'd be facing. Each conference room space measuring less than 9 feet square needed some help. It wasn't so much the task as the overall budget: $200. [click here to read the full story]

I thought I was in one of those dream sequences from the show Absolutely Fabulous. But I wasn't.

We had to use found items and other items from a used-furniture store that the maintenance god there repainted for me. He also did a knock out job with the craftsmanship on everything including the great paint job on the walls.

[conference room 2 before]

[conference room 2 after]

But, as you can see, I did it and when completed I had people in the newsroom thank me afterwards as now they didn't have to meet city officials, college presidents, the Mayor, and colleagues in a room that looked more like an interrogation room fit for any spy or action movie.