July 25, 2010

A Fabric Store You'll Bolt to.

A few posts ago I introduced you to the Xanadu Gallery in San Francisco. Well, after I was finished browsing at the art and artifacts, I stepped out and saw a sign that said fabric store. Intrigued I went inside. What I did was enter through the back entrance of Britex fabrics.
Britex is a fabric store like no other. I have been to showrooms after showrooms, but this four-store store was amazing. Bolts and Bolts of quality, fantastic fabrics. Upholstery, drapery and, yes, suit fabric. You can even find Emilio Pucci fabric there on occasion as well as other silks.

I found a gorgeous textured polyester in lizard that you'd swear was the real thing. I'm planning on making a huge pillow or covering a small bench with it in the future.

Floor one: Library ladders allow you to view and select from the full 120-foot long wall of stacked bolts of their couture fabrics. Middle tables hold the silks.
Floor two: Cottons such as Japanese indigos, Liberty of London, Calicos, linens, polyesters, knits and velvet. Upholstery fabrics are here as well.

Floor three: You'll find 40,000 different styles of trim, buttons, rhinestones and new and vintage ribbon. It's so extensive they even have a separate online source for that. Click here to see.

Floor four: The bargain area. Up to three yards per remnant. All types.

So after about an hour or so looking, searching and buying... and making sure I got the name of the sales guy to help me with future purchases... I called it quits realizing they were closing. Another wonderful day of San Francisco. What would tomorrow bring? Museums... watch out for future posts.