July 27, 2008

KDR Showroom visit.

Design Guy University And KDR Showroom.

Design Guy University and local showrooms are teaming up for one-time classes for only $29. The first will be at KDR Showrooms in Westport on Saturday, August 9th from 10am-12pm.

Located in a 16K+ showroom space at a cost of $9M, KDR is the largest showroom in St. Louis. They carry hundreds of lines of fabric, furniture, window treatments, accessories, lighting, and more. You don't see this stuff in the stores! Several things are out on the floor, but also can be special ordered as I'll show you the vast array of catalogues available to designers. Also, banked along the outskirts of the showrooms are aisles and aisles of designer fabrics and wall covering. As described in the article about Design Guy University in St. Louis At Home magazine, this place is Mecca!

Taking a tour of the showroom will be coupled with a lecture on how showrooms work, behind-the-scene secrets, and some trade lingo that will help you understand what designers go through when completing a project.

Sound fun? Email me at tjadeninteriors@yahoo.com and make your reservation today.