August 2, 2008

Modern Marvels

I long (privately) to have a modernist house in a Zen style unlike my tossed about very 'full' place here. Good design is good design and I wanted to show you some really great modern designed items for your home that I would choose personally for my house.

Iceberg Table
Designer: Thien and My Ta Trung

I chose this because it's so hot here... and this is cool as winter itself. Each piece is a perfect snowflake laser-cut from steel. And if you have a great floor or rug you can enjoy that too.. it just seems to float on a floor. Someone asked me if you needed glass atop of it, and I thought... well, maybe a tray.

AQHayon Bathtub
Designer: Jaime Hayon

Luxury, let's face it. Baths used to be the epitome of elegance. I saw the new release of Brideshead Revisited and the bathroom that Sebastian was bathing in was... well, stunning. It reflected the status of the home owner (i.e. Emma Thompson) and the quality of everything in Brideshead. Well, who needs a movie? These days are back with the exquisitely designed AQHayon Bathtub. With a variety of ceramic accessories to customize it (they have a sink, too). Relax, unwind, and end a stressful day with a long soak in what will soon become your favorite room in the house... Also available in black, gold and platinum. It also has (for an upcharge) a ceramic tray for bath products, an ashtray for those that still partake in that, and a few other options. But it's killer, face it. Wow.

Ruby Cube
Designer: J.P. Meulendijks

Based on the original Rubik's cube, it's made from cthe same color special acrylic plates that change color when viewed from different angles. How cool is that. Colors change from dark green to grey to aubergine (you haven't heard that color in awhile).

Glow Brick
Designer: Sam & Jude

OK, this is just plain cool. It's a (real) light bulb set in a clear solid acrylic brick. How does it work? It recharges from energy in natural light during the day - glows at night! Talk about eco-friendly. I could see a bunch of these even outside down a path ( I wonder if that would work? hmm Not sure if they're water proof, but I bet they are.)

PZL Slot
Designer: Giuseppe Colonna Romano
This lamp is made of four interlocking, colorful shapes. It's scale and luminosity would create an equally striking effect on the wall or floor. Shown in the picture are, I believe, 4 of them placed on the wall.