July 14, 2008


Welcome to the first blog posting for Design Guy University™. This blog is meant to complement the Design Guy University™ classes available on my website at www.designguyuniversity.com.

Who am I? I'm Scott Tjaden, interior designer in St. Louis. I have been featured in publications such as St. Louis and St. Louis At Home magazine, St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles magazine, Ladue News and the Post-Dispatch.

A year ago I was trying to find a way I could combine my teaching skills with interior design. (I teach adjunct at St. Louis Community College in the art department - Center for Advanced Imaging). After taking an art history class taught by my friend Carol, it 'clicked' as to what I should do. Thanks, Carol!

And, a special thanks for my online design buddy, Jennifer, who has her own blog "The Peak of Chic" which I just absolutely think is great! She's the one for the inspiration for creating this blog.

I hope to bring to you with each posting some short tips/hints, but information that won't always be in my courses such as new products, design history, my personal inspirations, my favorite designers, and some projects that I'm working through.