September 14, 2010

[S]Mart Shopping

[Merchandise Mart, Chicago]

Coming up in October... is the opportunity for you to join me and Design Guy University™ for a tour of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago!! It will be so much fun!!

In the next week I'll be finalizing a schedule to visit the largest commercial building in the world containing some of the world's best interior design treasures (see below).

Interested? Just email me at (or respond to your email if you're a subscriber). A full announcement-invitation with details is coming soon!

[shown: the south lobby featuring 17 murals by Jules Guerin]

Very abbreviated history... the Merchandise Mart in Chicago has long been the resource mecca for interior designers for decades. Built by the Marshall Field family, the Mart opened in 1930. Changing hands a few times, it was the single-largest Kennedy family real-estate holdings until 1998 when it was bought by a New York holding company. Chris Kennedy still manages the property. I love the Art Deco interiors.. the elevator doors... oh wow.. wait 'til you see them.

Because it's so large, the 25-floor building has it's own zip code. It contains some of the world's best showrooms including Scalamandré, Kohler, Janis Et Cie, Osborn and Little, Odegard, David Sutherland, Baker, Donghia, Summer Hill (a final list of what we're visiting will be announced later).... whew.. I'm outta breath...just to name a few. If you see products in any decent design magazine, chances are you can find those things here. (note: the Sultan of Brunei spent close to $1.7M in furnishings for his own palace saying "it was the only place in the world where one could shop and get everything done in a week... "

We'll spend 1-1/2 days here at this great place. I hope you're able to come, it will be late October, date to come within a week.