October 17, 2009

I LIGHT YOU... Artemide Lighting

I'm working on this incredible, modern project right now and part of the process is the lighting plan. I was going through binders, websites, and even going to my favorite places for lighting. I came across some really great products and wanted to show you some really neat, new things from one of my favorite manufacturers, Artemide (pronounced ar-TI'-mi-dee).

The first is the Alicudi ceiling fixture. Finding flush mount fixtures is hard enough, but this is a gem and it's just gorgeous, don't you think? It's not glass, it's stretched fabric, diffusing the light evenly.

Aqua Cil is another series from Artemide. The influence is, of course, water. Each piece is molded specifically to be organic, flowing, just like the waves of water. Amazing! It comes as a pendant, a floor and a table lamp.

The Cabildo series is also amazing. Look at that great circular design, very unusual. It comes as a wall mounted fixture, a floor lamp and as a suspended chandelier. It has a halogen light. It's one of my new favorites... yum!

Artimide's Droplet light is another fascinating design. It couples this giant disc with three smaller baby ones that are suspended illuminating up, reflecting off the larger disk. It's like hanging a piece of sculpture. Amazing.

Lighting doesn't have to be boring. And whether you have a very traditional, transitional, or modern home, good lighting is important for both functionality and visual interest/design.