October 22, 2009

Fortuny... need I say more... ?

Today, I was so inspired by the craftsmanship and beauty of the fabrics shown to me by my Fortuny sales rep. I held the large, heavy sample book today and felt a chill run through my body as if I were holding the Ark of the Covenant. For an interior designer, it was an out-of-body-experience.

Born in 1871 in Spain (yes, he's Spanish, not Italian), Mariano Fortuny's name may be synonymous with beautiful fabrics but before all that, the accomplished painter, sculptor, architect and inventor, achieved previous successes: the invention of the first dimmer switch, a still-used-today boat propeller, paint brushes, dyes, paper for binding books, lamps, and complicated machinery for manufacturing. I would refer to him as having been a well-rounded, total genius. 

After marrying Henriette Negrin in Paris, he started in the fashion industry creating the infamous Delphos gown (based on the Greek sculptures from Delphi). Stars such as Isadora Duncan and others celebrated his designs. His first factory opened in 1922 in Italy. The rest is history. (you can still buy the dress and accessories, classics at their store in Italy).

There are only two Fortuny showrooms... one in Italy, the other in the D&D building in NewYork... if you want a personal tour, please let me know I'd love to take you.

Pictured are some of the designs coming out in November as well as some old designs updated in newer colors. . Inspiration comes and goes, but Fortuny will be an inspiration for a lifetime.

For more information on Fortuny, visit the website at www.fortuny.com. For their lighting, visit lucegiudecca.com. (Although a lot of lighting or lampshades is made with Fortuny fabric, this is their own line).

For more Fortuny and some shopping (scarves, table runners, etc... venetiastudium.com.