October 20, 2009

Dyson's latest fan....

I really don't do reviews of things unless I really, really, really love something... so here it goes.

I've always loved the Dyson brand of vacuumes. They're sleek, do a more-than-adequate job, and who wouldn't want one? Well now... they've outdone themselves. They have a line of fans? That's right, fans. A friend of mine forwarded me a photo of one, then I had to do more research. 

The Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan is simply amazing. First off.. wowie zowie on the design. It looks like a large magnifying glass without the glass. I was a little perplexed... where are the blades? There aren't any. The technology allows it to draw in air into a brushless motor then amplify it 15 times before expelling it from the machine. It's draw into the base which activates the technology inside the cylinder and then, in turn, it pulls air through the ring.

A very similar technology happens with turbochargers and jet engines. Amazing. 

Another feature is that it's totally safe. A child, pet or even yourself can touch, pick up the fan, and it isn't going to zap you, cut off an appendage, or hurt you in any way.

It comes in three sizes and a few, limited colors including one with a blue ring (see above). Great for that gadget person you know and any sort of interior space... it's something you'll want. 

It's only available through dyson.com or through authorized retailers.

Dyson... another fan (figuratively) happy.