December 15, 2010

Holiday Swank

James Andrew at The Frick - photo by Justin Williams.

Several years ago when I started blogging I came across another blog entitled What is James Wearing featuring James Andrew, a New York interior designer. James designs homes as he dresses himself... impeccably. James and I have become friends over the years discussing everything from the joys of our pets to where to stay at the Amalfi Coast... he reminds me to be good to myself. It's not an idea of selfishness, but it's a way of respecting yourself and confidently living one's mantra of uncompromising design. The same message one conveys to one's clients. James is a gift to me and now I'm sharing him with all of you.

Q: You grew up on the East Coast, what were your favorite things to do during the holiday season?

We would go to the Newport mansions to see them decorated for Xmas- there was something quite magical about that.

Q: What is one of your favorite places to go in NYC for the holiday season for dinner or a night out?

The Four Seasons restaurant is one of my favs here in NYC for a festive holiday meal , for something more cozy I adore Waverly Inn; the Monkey Bar makes me feel like I have stepped back in time to an era that is oozing with glamour and elegance.

The Monkey Bar

Q: Since everyone knows you dress impeccably, if we were to go shopping and you'd dress me for a holiday party, what would you suggest?

A: It depends on the party - something dressed up but not formal - might be a tartan jacket, black jeans, white shirt and a black satin tie and velvet slippers, more dressed up - perhaps tartan wool slacks with a velvet dinner jacket , white tuxedo shirt and a fab bowtie, patent leather on your feet.

Bow ties by Tom Ford.

Q: How do you decorate your home for the holiday season; or do you?

A: I have clear glass containers planted with paper whites and white and red striped amaryllis and place them in my entrance hall and in my living room, along with vases with masses of red roses, I hang a monumental magnolia leaf wreath on the book case in my dining room and burn Rigaud Cypress candles , I set the table with over the top china, ruby red water goblets, tiny mercury glasses filled with mini bouquets with gilded poppy pods all very festive and glam.