October 11, 2010

A yarn about quality...

Holland & Sherry is perhaps one of the best clothiers in the world. Hand tailoring garments out of the most luxurious wool known. Their suits as well as the well-crafted handmade shirts, would proudly hang in anyone's closet. Impeccable detailing.

A few years ago I was drawn into a showroom where in the small, well appointed space, stood this sofa with elaborate embroidery. Restrained in what could have been an explosion of thread was an example of finely, layered cut wool precisely stitched together to create a remarkable detail on what would otherwise be a rather plain sofa.

I was standing in Holland & Sherry. Knowing they made exquisite shirts/suits since the 1830s (they also provided the cloth for costumes for Mission Impossible and Moulin Rouge) I was a little surprised to find a Showroom bearing the same name. Eric, the showroom manager, confirmed it was the same company.

The showroom provides examples of fabric, embroidery, accessories and wallpaper. I chose some items to show... so please enjoy: