November 8, 2011

Duke of Duquette: Hutton Wilkinson

Hutton Wilkinson, the "Duke" of Duquette

This past week I spent some time with my friend Hutton Wilkinson. Name sound familiar? Well if you watch HSN he has a lot of jewelry and home decor items but what you don't know is that he's owner of the brand Tony Duquette, an interior design firm, brand of high-end fabric and furniture and also fine jewelry.

Tony Duquette was an interior design icon of the 20th century. Hutton joined Tony when he was 17 years old as an intern. After years of working together, then apart, they became business partners and when Tony passed in the 90s, Hutton became owner of the brand expanding into textiles and other items.

Hutton and I had dinner at Franco, drinks out and I visited him at SAKS Fifth Avenue earlier on in the week where he was showing his new line of fine jewelry and signing his new book. (see below).

Below are some images from the Tony Duquette brand and I hope you enjoy... !

Tony Duquette

Bullock's Department Store, ca 1935

What people don't realize is that Tony Duquette decorated the Chase Park Plaza.
All that remains are the conference rooms and the lobby of the older building,
The Chase Residences.
One of the gorgeous pieces Hutton designed for the fine jewelry line
available through SAKS Fifth Avenue.

Christmas is coming.. so buy not one but 10 of these books to give to your friends.
Available at your local bookseller or at

Interior of Tony Duquette's personal residence still in tact and part of the estate in L.A.

Gorgeous malachite rug designed by Hutton for Tony Duquette