April 11, 2011

Spring Entertaining...

© Susan Jackson Photography.

Spring is here and it brings to mind having lunch or an afternoon coffee with some of my great friends laughing and enjoying the cool weather. As I was going through some computer files in some electronic archaeological dig, I unearthed these wonderful photos my photographer friend Susan Jackson took a several years ago when we collaborated on a project. This was my first time doing food styling! Susan is just one of my favorite people and we started our own respective businesses years ago in and around the same time... so when we're together it's as if a brother and a sister are together laughing and having fun.

To prove all you need is a keen eye for design, all the items you see are from Goodwill. No, I'm not kidding... The most expensive item was the silver plate teapot at around $12. All the Goodwill stores were searched out, no one store had every item... it was a job!

I hope this inspires you to search the back of those cabinets, flea markets and even those charity resale shops that help benefit others in need.

Please note: All photos are copyrighted, Susan Jackson Photography.

Wine glasses, silver and dinnerware....
so nice.. I'm ready to eat now!

A pressed glass bowl provides just the right look
for the shabby chic table and the gorgeous cut flowers.

This is a tea party I want to go to.

This is actually a glass candle holder.
Think outside the box, this was the right size for
pistachios and a little garnish of glitz.

There were no marks on this creamware.
But it's the perfect container for these blackberries.

This is a silver plated butter dish. The top missing,
it makes the perfect presentation for jam or condiments.

This silver plated chafing dish was $7.
(the word chafing comes from the Old French chauffer, "to make warm" )

Anything but cheesy, I'm ready to fill my plate.

The lace was found on a shelf under some sweaters.

Pewter and silver DO go together. This unmatched set
is perfect for guests wanting a bit of a healthy nosh.

Taking a 'stand' for design, this silver plate number
is perfect for small confections, or in this case, nuts.

A white resin mirror makes the perfect tray for this
elegant silver coffee pot. One lump or two?
(or in this case, one packet or two?)

Strawberries displayed beautifully in this pierced
open work, footed container.

Shabby chic means nothing needs to match.
These two napkins don vintage broaches.

This couldn't 'bee' any better!