February 13, 2011

Be mine.

St. Valentine's Day has become a day of red hearts, red roses and spending time with and celebrating those we love. The day first became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages and was a religious holiday on the catholic calendar until 1969.

So to celebrate this day of love in 2011, I'm sharing some of my new favorites I'd like to be mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who wouldn't want this dragon delivering his
bouquet of flowers?
Chiang Mai Dragon, Schumacher

Love never goes out of style...
The Era barstool was designed in 1859 and
is still
in production.
Era Barstool, Design Within Reach

[insert whistling] "Wow, what a dish."
Cloisonne Vessel bowl, Ginger Bath - Toronto.

Daisies for Valentines Day?
If roses aren't your style, this wall covering might be.
Daisy in Kooky Coral, Bradbury and Bradbury.

Forget that small child with the arrows.. how about Zebras?
Zebra, Scalamandre