March 9, 2009

Welcome to the second year of 
Design Guy University!
I can’t believe it!

Design Guy University Classes -
New for March. 24th - April 21st.

March 24, 2009
Color 101: Color for 2009.
Learn what new colors are in store for the
year from the leading color resources and
the Color Marketing Group. 
Centennial Commons, 7210 Olive Boulevard, 
UCity, 63130; 314.862.2037.

March 31, 2009:
Big Design, Small Spaces.

Learn how even the smallest péid-a-térre
(like mine of only 150 square feet) and
small spaces don’t have to be difficult with
just a few hints. Centennial Commons,
7210 Olive Boulevard, UCity, 63130;

April 7, 2009:
Design History 101:

The history of interior design via the
design of chairs. We’ll look at the earliest
chair known from the Metropolitain Museum of Art 
(Egypt 4000BC) to present-day designer Phillipe Stark.
Centennial Commons, 7210 Olive Boulevard, 
UCity, 63130; 314.862.2037.

April 14, 2009
Construction 101.

Real costs revealed as you see what’s
involved when adding on or building a new
home. Learn how Green design can save
you money down the road.
Boa Construction Company, 8417
Chapin Industrial Dr., Saint Louis, MO
63114, 314.524.0203
Feb 10, 2009

April 21, 2009:
Design & Detail.

We’ll go to this two-year-old showroom
located in Maplewood where we’re in for a
show of Osborne and Little’s new fabric line.
Design & Detail, 2731 Sutton Blvd
Suite, 100, St Louis MO; 63143;

Note: Maps to Boa Construction and Design
& Detail will be given out the first day of class
along with your folders and the ever-popular Design Guy pencils.