November 5, 2008


With the election behind us, I thought this week I'd share the acquisition of some rare interior shots of the White House during the renovation of the White House from the Theodore Roosevelt administration in 1904. These glass color plates are property of the Library of Congress and show the grandeur of the 'modern' American interior. What you may NOT know is that the interior of the White House was heavy Victorian and decorated by the likes of Louis Comfort Tiffany and other well-known artists in vogue at that time. The need for redecoration to something less heavy at the turn of the century resulted in these lush rooms.

Enjoy these rare shots, I certainly did.

The East Room, 1904. I think anyone would love to throw a party in this place.

The Blue Room. WOW. Look at that floor and the scale of everything. Elegance.

The State Dining Room. 1904. Wow. Look at that GREEN. Classic. And look at that ceiling decoration. Amazing.

Green Room. 1904. Love this. 'Nuff said.

President's Office. 1904. Remember this pre-dates the oval office. Now the office is I believe another bedroom. (is it the Lincoln Bedroom??)

White House Lobby. 1904. WOW. Simplicity, yet complete complexity in terms of the moulding and understated elegance.

Another View of the East Room. 1904. 

The Red Room. I could certainly enjoy a drink at the end of the day reading or receiving my out-of-country dignitaries in this room. No problem.