October 12, 2008

Design Guy University At-Home

I was asking my students what they wanted, and in response I created an at-home version of Design Guy University. The first of it’s kind, you pick from the topics below, or collaborate with me to come up with something you’d like and we’ll have class... right in your own home! Pretty cool, huh?

The cost is $295 per 2-hour lecture for up to 10 people. $29.50 additional per person after 10. Perfect for women’s groups, subdivisions, or a group of friends.

And, it's only $29.50 per person... it's a great deal!


Color 101
I’ll not only give you the new colors for the season, but discuss who in the heck makes these decisions. Also some color tricks I’ve learned through the years like how to deal with matching reds, it's the hardest color in the palette to work with.

Room makeover
You’ll give me digital photos of the space before hand and I’ll provide some suggestions that you can use. Your friends will either help move furniture or kick back and watch. Limitations apply, please call for details.

Drapery 101
We’ll learn the basics about drapery. What’s in, what’s out. What’s new on the market. From basics to high end. We’ll even see photos of professional jobs that you can use to help decorate your house. The handout is my special Drapery reference made just for you.

Feng Shui Basics
There is no traditional word for interior design in Asia, it’s simply known as Feng Shui, the art of balance. I’ll have a a Feng Shui chart for you as part of the handout and information.

Upholstery 101
We'll learn the basic parts of upholstery. I have a handout and a few samples to show you the difference between down, 1/2 and 1/2 and we'll even create our own pattern with upholstery nails that you can either use yourself or take to a professional to recreate.

Interior Design History 101
Essentials you need to know about the history of Interior design. I'll start with Greek and Roman interiors and take us through modern times. You'll get a time line and a handout. We'll discuss pivotal people in history such as furniture great Thomas Chippendale, and designers like Francis Elkin and David Hicks.

Interior Design via Web
We’ll take a cruise through the Internet as I show you my favorite sites. Many of which you won’t know. And, we’ll also go to sites all over the world. You pick the area of interest, or I can show you a sampling of what I just love. Blank wall needed for my projector. You need to have a wireless Internet connection and a blank wall. Don't worry, I have an electronic projector.

Call me to discuss and sign up. My website at www.designguyuniversity.com has the contact information.

Help your friends earn their degree in confidence!!